Jery Wasley

Jerry Wasley

日本を代表するブルース・バンドの一つ、Kunio Kishida’s “Alabama Boys”のベーシストJerry Wasley氏より(アメリカAlabama州のBirminghamに在住)のコメントです。


『I have really been impressed with the Bass Liner. The frequencies you have chosen are very musical and allow me to change my sound on my P-bass. I did not realize that the boost/cut was 18db!! That allows for dramatic changes to the tone of my single pickup bass. In the studio, it is like having my personal channel strip-designed just for bass. For live, it offers the same tonal choices but also gives me a preset that I can go to for a solo. Every room that I play has a different set of acoustical challenges-too bassy, to much mid-range, to dead-some frequencies are difficult to hear. The Bass Liner will help me shape my sound for every acoustical situation with greater ease. The mute switch is a handy feature that I really like. And the two outputs make it easy to go to separate channels for other effects. I know that I will find many more uses for The Bass Liner. Oh, I forgot to mention it is a beautiful looking pedal. What a great layout and color!! Thank you for letting me enjoy this great pedal.』 Jerry Wasley

『本当にBASS LINERはすごいね。5-Band EQのそれぞれのポイントは音楽的な見地からも素晴らしく僕のP-Bassの音作りも非常にやり易い。

ライブ会場によっては、ベースが聞こえすぎる、ミッドレンジが出すぎ、デッドすぎる、ライブすぎる、などの補正としても役立っているよ。 ミュート機能はチューナー用に使用。2つあるアウトプットは色々と利用価値があるね。

BASS LINERはとにかくルックスも最高だし、コントロールやフットスイッチのレイアウトもクール!このグレイトなペダルを使うのを楽しんでいるよ。』

Jerry Wasley/ジェリー・ワズリー